This is really not okay.

I think some people fail to realize that men can be sexually assaulted, too, and not just by other men. This girl shoves him against the wall and slaps him three fucking times when he pushes her away. Heck, he has to push her away twice before she backs off for a moment. Then she goes right back to kissing him.

If the genders were reversed, everyone on this site would be flipping a shit. And if anyone dares to tell me that it’s different when a girl does it to a guy, I will personally write you a three-page essay on why it is still not okay.

I’m just going to REBLOG this all the fucking time


I try to explain this.
I’ve had girls flip shit on me AT LEAST 6 different times, it happens more than you think.
"Why wont you have sex with me Is it because I’m fat. All you care about is looks. You men are all the same,pigs ugh"
Like no, I just don’t want to have sex with you…

Also the amount of women hitting and smacking their men in public is not ok.
Movies,TV shows, etc.
"Well he probably cheated he deserved it."


I don’t play WoW, but I find this to be true for most online gaming. I know I refuse to use a mic and talk while playing most online games. I’m not saying it is that way for everything, but for some.

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Favorite Characters - Vladimir & Sophie

god Sophia had a double chin and bingo wings and a booty like a shelf and she was still hot as fuck. and Anastasia was hot. and the empress was hot. All the ladies were pretty but totally different sizes and ages and things were wonderful.

Sophie wasn’t just on screen to be fat and funny. She was depicted as actually DESIRABLE. I was a little stick of a child when this movie came out and that definitely effected my views of beauty. As a much thicker adult it still means a lot to me now.


It made me SO happy to see a lady who wasn’t super skinny still being portrayed as being sexy and desirable…

We need more movies like this…with characters like this, who aren’t just treated like walking punchlines because of their bodies…

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"What’s the matter with Percy?"

"I’m not sure, but it must be something terrible."

"Oh, it can’t be that bad."

"He’s placed himself in Teenage Vampire Romance."


A thought in which I believe: When Percival is run ragged, emotionally, or is simply having a particularly bad day, he decides he no longer wants to be Percival. He just wants to be a book.

The Percy Tantrum Conundrum.

(Percival belongs to dsylexiafeind)

the worst kind of time out corner

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Impulse - $6.99

Buy me all of them

The names suit all the colours so fucking well

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Commonly confused medieval weapons, a powerpoint by me.

Now stop screwing them up, seriously, or I will put a medieval weapon in your head.

Tumblr is endearing me to being lectured at in Comic Sans

THIS is a WAR SCYTHE, a scythe actually used in combat. Notice it is not a useless piece of shit and is an actual functional weapon.

The only reason why death is pictured with a FARMING scythe is because he harvests souls.

now i can kill ppl and know what im killing them with thank you



I’ve told this story three times now. Once to the police. Once to a jury. And once to my psychiatrist. This will be the last time I tell it.

We’ve always lived at 423 Stockholm Street, ever since I was a baby. So, there really wasn’t ever a time when I didn’t hear it. And as far back as I can remember, I’ve always known that there was another room on the other side of my wall.

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I’m so surprised and think it’s so funny each time I come across this picture, seeing as I took it. But eh, who ever sources the stuff they post anyway?

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Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.



A belated birthday gift to thekyuusanna , of her OC, Marona and mine, Cardwell! Huzzah for perilous promenades and deadly duos (and dramatic yet somewhat nonsensical swooshiness).

…I still stand by Cardwell looking like Masked Rose from Sailor Moon here, but ah well.

Happy belated birthday, Sanna!

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» Freaky Stories: Death at 423 Stockholm Street


Got another very good one for you.

Long one, but worth it. Especially when you connect it all back and your left shocked. 

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everyone else was drawing their OC’s as centaur people and I want to be one of the cool kids too >:T

alternate explanation is Arthur and Mesi end up transitioning into a Fantasia settingMesi thinks it’s his fault \o/

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requested!! its just some stuff ive learned idk dont trust me too much, i had the parts for this laying around for days and was too lazy to put text on it i also added a collage of some chests ive done last minute

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By Andy Khouri

“I think this woman is wrong about something on the Internet. Clearly my best course of action is to threaten her with rape.”

That’s crazy talk, right? So why does it happen all the time?

Honest question, dudes.

That women are harassed online is not news. That women in comics and the broader fandom cultures are harassed online is not news. That these women are routinely transmitted anonymous messages describing graphic sexual violence perpetrated upon them for transgressions as grave as not liking a thing… that is actually news to me, and it’s probably news to a lot of you guys reading this.

So what do we do about it?



This is important.

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